The Cranberry House

Who We Are

The Cranberry House is a non profit food outreach to the very poor.

Helping orphans, single mom's and children, the elderly and very poor.
Most of our outreach is in Kenya.
Since 2005 we have been sending in local wholesome and sustaining weekly groceries to approximately 40 people and children each week.

Cranberry House also rents small houses. One house was rented for 2 orphans with a relative caregiver who is an aunt to one child and a grandmother to the other. Both lost family due to the Aids virus.

Another house was rented for a single mom who was ill and in danger of losing her children. And another for a single mom and children who were in poverty and not able to care for the rent of a decent place to live.

Helping with food, clothes, shelter when needed, school tuitions and uniforms (they have to have uniforms in Kenya schools) and basic needs of life.

School is important in Kenya to get out of the cycle of poverty. When the children graduate, they have a much better chance of getting a better job.

It is sad, but a fact, that often the very poor cannot afford high school at all, and often the school uniforms and fees are difficult for the very poor to manage.

Incomes can be meager or almost non existant. Especially for women.

Caring for orphans, aids orphans, the elderly and very poor with the basic needs to have a life they would not otherwise have. That is our goal.

A safe and loving home for children.
To have an opportunity to live useful and productive lives.

Most of our outreach work is to Kenya but we like to help locally also.
An example: we got a call from a local homeless ministry. There was a single mom with kids who needed a little short term help. Some school clothes as the clothing bank was low. They referred them to Cranberry House. We were able to help with short term needs and getting the two children clothes. This is one example of many.
But we do like to reach out locally as well as in Kenya.

The door is open to us in Kenya and the need for children to have a home, food and safe environment is really a great need there.

For any information please be welcome to contact us. We welcome inquiries.


Gordon and Kathleen Angell
Cranberry House

Our Mission

To provide food, housing, and basic needs for the poor, especially children, and to help send kids to school. No matter where they live.

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